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Download NindinoLite:
NindinoLite (Lite version)

This is the lite version of Nindino standalone dialer. This has been reported working in all countries where as our online windows dialer was reported not working in certain countries.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 9x
  • MAC
  • Linux

i) Adobe Air

You need to have Adobe Air installed.
If you don't have it: Open and
Click on 'Get Adobe Air' icon as shown in the picture below.

ii) Adobe Flash

You also need to have Adobe Flash installed.
If you don't have it: Open and
Click on 'Get Adobe Flash' icon as shown in the picture below.


Download NindinoLite in to your local machine. Click here to download VoipduniyaLite

1. Double click on the file you have downloaded. If it failed to open, you might not have Adobe Air installed, please check the requirements sections explained above.

Click on 'Install' button and complete the installation.

SIP dialer 5. NindinoLite will be opened automatically after the installation is completed. If you login the dialer will like the following.

Provide your complete destination number with country code including '00' and click talk 'Dial' to start calling.